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Smart Communication Unleashed: Explore TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Version Free Calling, Texting, and More!

Affordable High-Speed Data Your phone requirements may evolve, and TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Version is ready to adapt. With budget-friendly data add-ons, access mobile data and roam anywhere you desire. No long-term commitments—only pay for the data you need precisely when you need it.

Add a Second Number to Your Phone Craving more privacy? Wishing to maintain a separation between your personal and business life? Leverage the TextNow calling and messaging app as your free local 2nd phone number. Elevate your social standing with friends or forge new connections by employing a second phone number from TextNow on your preferred social apps. It’s an additional private phone line on your device with complimentary calls and text messages.

Cost-Effective International Calling Are your loved ones situated overseas? TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Version provides economical international calls spanning over 230 countries. Stay linked for longer durations with rates commencing at less than $0.01 per minute.

WiFi or Mobile Calling? Why Not Both! Facing signal challenges on your mobile? No worries! TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Version allows you to utilize your actual phone number via WiFi. Alternatively, relish the same stellar service on our extensive nationwide mobile network by incorporating a TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Version SIM card. Enjoy the flexibility to choose between WiFi and mobile calling based on your preferences. You can also download FAU-G Game here

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Version
TextNow Call + Text Unlimited Version


How does TextNow calls work?

– TextNow calls work using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.
– Users make calls through the TextNow app using an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile data.
– TextNow provides users with a unique phone number, and calls are made and received within the app, allowing for free or low-cost calling.

Is there a text limit on TextNow?

– TextNow does not have a specific character limit for text messages.
– Users can send and receive standard text messages within the usual character limits imposed by mobile carriers.
– Multimedia messages (MMS) sent on TextNow may have size limitations, and users should be aware of any file size restrictions when sending media content.

How long does TextNow calls show on phone records?

– TextNow calls typically do not show up on traditional phone records provided by mobile carriers.
– Since TextNow uses VoIP technology and operates independently, its calls are not logged in the same way as traditional calls.
– Users can view their TextNow call history within the TextNow app, but it won’t appear on standard phone records provided by carriers.