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Super Goal – Soccer Stickman

Super Goal

Super Goal engage in the ultimate soccer challenge where your every move defines the ball’s trajectory. Take control and showcase your strategic prowess as you navigate through puzzles, aiming for top-notch goals in this unique and dynamic gaming experience!

If you’re seeking a stickman soccer game, your quest ends here with this epic 3D soccer game of 2022. Offering offline play, this game provides the perfect blend of simplicity and excitement, allowing you to enjoy it anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection.

Direct your soccer stickman to strike the ball with head, feet, or back – the choice is yours. Experience the freedom to kick with no restrictions; this crazy soccer game allows you to employ offside and tackle fouls. Get ready for a thrilling battle as you aim to become the hero of the match.

As you progress through levels, collect valuable gold coins and keys. These items play a crucial role as they unlock new ball skins and characters. Let your creativity run wild, collecting as many coins and keys as possible using any inventive method you can conjure up.

This stickman-style sports game combines simple yet dynamic gameplay with exquisite graphics, ensuring top-notch kicking enjoyment. Ideal for the entire family, it stands out as the perfect time-killer, offering an unparalleled gaming experience.


**AI Controlled 3D Environment:**
In multiplayer matches, face off against players controlled by highly intelligent game AI, adding a challenging twist to the game dynamics.

**Unique Gameplay:**
This is not your typical eleven-a-side football game. Encounter clashes in league matches, navigate various obstacles during training, and amass gold coins in bonus levels for a truly immersive experience.

**You Do You:**
Choose your role from a wide array of options including superhero, ninja, king, master, cowboy, gentlemen, and manager, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience.


Dress up your stickman to your heart’s content. Change skins, colors, and kits to express your unique style within the game.

**Iconic Stadium Venues:**
Experience a variety of scenes from romantic beach soccer to crowded city soccer, street soccer, mountain soccer, and more. Each venue offers a distinct style and challenge.

**Not Just Football:**
Expand beyond traditional soccer and kick basketballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, golf balls, billiards, rugby balls, and even quirky options like fruit balls, candy balls, and animal balls.

Best Goal Celebrations:

Celebrate your successes with joy. After scoring a super goal, revel in arrogant moves around opponents, who might even join you in making crazy celebration moves.

Super Goal is a mini-war of clashes where survival depends on strength, and you are the hero. Take control of your stickman, clash, and score goals! Download now and immerse yourself in this exhilarating soccer experience.

But wait, there’s more to come! To ensure this stands as a top stickman football game, we plan on incorporating numerous updates. Anticipate additional levels and characters to enhance your gaming adventure.

We eagerly await your feedback, as your reviews will serve as our primary reference for refining and perfecting this football game. Your insights will contribute to the continuous improvement of the gaming experience we strive to deliver.You can also download FAU-G Game here