Seven Hearts Stories [Premium UnLocked]

Seven Hearts Stories [Premium UnLocked]

Seven Hearts Stories [Premium UnLocked]

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Name Seven Hearts Stories Seven Hearts Stories is the most famous version in the Seven Hearts Stories series of publisher Sinomi Games
Publisher Sinomi Games
Genre Mobile Games
Version 2.39
Update Jan 18, 2024
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Seven Hearts Stories

Seven Hearts Stories stands as a captivating compilation of visual novels that grants players the power to shape the narrative with their choices.

Have you ever envisioned walking the path of the protagonist, steering their destiny in the direction you desire? With this mobile game, your dreams come to life as you can:

1. **Customize Your Character:**
Tailor your character’s appearance from a diverse array of wardrobe choices. Express your style and make your mark in the game.

2. **Romantic Relationships:**
Initiate romantic connections with in-game characters and embark on enchanting dates. Dive into the realm of love and companionship within the game.

3. **Plot-Influencing Choices:**
Make decisions that reverberate through the storyline, leading to a unique ending. Your choices shape the course of the narrative, providing a personalized gaming experience.

4. **Collect Stats and CGs:**
Gather distinctive stats and CGs (Computer Graphics) that add vibrancy to your gaming journey. Track your progress and enjoy the visually captivating elements.

5. **Genre Variety:**
Select from a range of game genres that align with your preferences. Whether you lean towards romance, adventure, or mystery, Seven Hearts Stories offers a diverse selection.

Now, dive into one of our compelling stories, choosing from the following options:

**Legend of the Celestials:**

The main character, a denizen of the heavenly realm, descends to the human world for a festival dedicated to the gods. However, a violation of the Rule of Heaven banishes her from the heavenly abode forever. Can she find her way back home?

**The Villain’s Last Wish:**Elise, trapped in a joyless reality, is granted a chance at a new life by an enigmatic stranger. Transported into a book, she now lives in a fairy tale surrounded by princes and the opulence of an imperial palace. The catch – she inhabits the despised villain’s body. Can she alter her fate?

The Era of Fate:

The tale unfolds as a chosen one awakens in a cave after five hundred years, devoid of memories. She emerges as the last mage, holding the fate of the world’s future civilization in her hands due to a long-forgotten power within her.

The list of enthralling stories within Seven Hearts Stories continues to expand, promising more captivating narratives for players. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!

Collect hearts, embark on unique journeys, and relish your time in the engaging and immersive world of Seven Hearts Stories. Your adventure awaits.You can also download FAU-G Game here

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