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KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooting Games


KUBOOM 3D Step into the thrilling world of KUBOOM, the ultimate multiplayer first-person shooter that promises intense PVP FPS action. If you’re a fan of real action shooter games and up for a challenge, then KUBOOM is the battleground where you want to be. Offering diverse shooting modes, unique locations, weapon customization, and a bustling marketplace, KUBOOM is where adrenaline meets strategy. Compete with millions of players worldwide, elevate your fighter to the global top, join formidable clans, or establish your own. The battlefield awaits your command.

In KUBOOM, customization is key.

Choose your character and tailor it to your liking. Arm yourself with a vast array of firearms, ranging from pistols, shotguns, and machine guns to sniper rifles. Each weapon boasts unique stats, varying in damage and accuracy. Your choice of weaponry can be the game-changer, so pick what suits your combat style best. The customization doesn’t end there – every weapon is open to modifications and upgrades. Enhance shooting ability by changing the barrel, add a trinket for extra flair, or set a scope to become a true sniper. With common, rare, legendary, and exotic weapon skins, you can also showcase your personality on the battlefield. For close combat, choose from an assortment of blades, including butterfly knives, machetes, axes, or even a shovel for those unexpected encounters.

Prepare your warrior with essential equipment – grenades, first aid kits, and ammo are indispensable. Frag grenades, smoke grenades, blinding grenades, or Molotov cocktails are at your disposal. A strategic choice of protective shields and wires can prove beneficial in the heat of battle. Create sets combining these items, allowing you to adapt to different situations during a fight. Unwanted items can be sold in the market, giving you the chance to acquire what you need or rent items for a test run.

Engage in online battles with players worldwide or set up private matches exclusively for your friends.

KUBOOM offers six dynamic combat modes:


1. Gun Mode
2. Team Deathmatch
3. Zombie Survival
4. Battle Royale
5. BunnyHop
6. Duel

Communicate with fellow players through voice or text chats, strategize, and seize victory. Loot weapons from fallen foes during battle to gain the upper hand. After each skirmish, open prize cards to reveal keys, bucks, consumables, and secret skins. Keys unlock supplies, clothing, and skins, while bucks can be spent on new weapons. Accomplish daily tasks to enhance your fighter’s arsenal. Rise through the ranks, claim your spot on the leaderboard, and bring glory to your clan. Check battle statistics and track your progress and that of your friends – victories, battles fought, and enemies defeated.

Immerse yourself fully

In the shooting game atmosphere by customizing controls. A well-thought-out layout is crucial for victory. Adjust settings such as auto-shooting, aiming button placement, and volume controls for music, sounds, voice chat, and the microphone. KUBOOM even accommodates left-handed players with customizable controls tailored to their needs.

Participate in tactical combat, experience dynamic battles, and engage in clan wars in the adrenaline-charged world of KUBOOM. Note that a permanent internet connection is required to delve into the heart-pounding action of this exceptional shooter. Get ready to dominate the battlefield.You can also download FAU-G Game here