Headspace: Sleep & Meditation

Headspace: Sleep & Meditation

Headspace: Sleep & Meditation

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Name Headspace: Sleep & Meditation Headspace: Sleep & Meditation is the most famous version in the Headspace: Sleep & Meditation series of publisher Headspace for Meditation, Mindfulness and Sleep
Publisher Headspace for MeditationMindfulness and Sleep
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 4.190.0
Update Feb 12, 2024
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Headspace Reduce your stress, sleep better, and find happiness. With Headspace, you can learn how to take care of your mental health and wellbeing, yourself, and general anxiety. You can develop daily mindfulness practices by practicing Headspace, which is everyday mindfulness and meditation. Learn how to use guided meditation to reduce stress, establish balance, become calm, get better sleep, and let go of tension.

Motives for adoring Headspace

With specially designed guided meditation and mindfulness exercises, you may unwind and de-stress. Discover all 500+ meditations that address stress, resiliency, and compassion in the library. Every degree and lifestyle of meditater is catered to by Headspace.

The ideal environment for good sleep can be created by listening to relaxing music, sleep sounds, and white noise. Take in hundreds of Sleepcasts and bedtime tales to help you drift off to sleep.

Let go of tension, relax, and listen to white noise or music to help you focus. You can also do joyous movement activities to help you get in a more productive mindset.

Unwind, meditate, be attentive, and get a good night’s sleep. Headspace has been shown to reduce stress by 14% in only ten days, and it can do it in as little as a few minutes each day. Start your free trial now to experience the change.


DAILY MEDITATIONS: Become aware by practicing hundreds of meditations guided by renowned professionals.
Examine mindfulness exercises and guided meditations on stress, worry, general anxiety, resilience, and other topics.
– Meditate while following specific advice
– Appreciate daily meditation on various subjects
– Learn how to meditate with guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and breathing methods for calming breathwork. – Breathe easy with short 3-minute mindful meditations for a quick mental health reset or longer meditations for any time of day.
– With The Wake Up, a daily video series for mental health, you can start your day with inspiration. Join live group meditations and meditate with friends to learn practical, everyday methods for reducing stress and anxiety.


– Unwind with calming sounds to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.
– Fall asleep to soothing music and white noise.
– Sleepcasts: These audiovisual devices combine soothing music with a tranquil story to promote sleep.
– Calm, background noise including natural sounds
– Calm and peaceful music to aid in falling asleep

STRESS RELIEF & COPING MEDITATIONS: For moments of ordinary worry, “SOS” sessions can help reduce stress and quiet the mind.
– Develop your breathing techniques to help you balance, unwind, and relax.
– Develop resilience with the Weathering the Storm collection – Reduce stress and control anger with guided meditations


– Work from home meditations to enhance concentration
– Increase focus to improve productivity and concentration-improving music for meditation – Select from well crafted playlists to create the ideal atmosphere for your day

MINDFUL MOVEMENT & TENSION RELEASE: Try mindful movement and stretching to reduce stress and tension. Try yoga, guided runs, and walks for at-home workouts that improve your mood. Try centred fitness for a 28-day mindful fitness and cardio challenge.
Work out with professionals and Olympians Leon Taylor and Kim Glass


Subscription to Headspace
With your membership or free trial, you may access the whole Headspace library, which includes mindfulness training, meditations, and relaxing breathing techniques.
○ Hundreds of one-time meditations and regular mindfulness exercises ○ More than 40 meditation courses covering stress relief and sleep
○ Mindfulness and meditation: integrating it into every aspect of your life ○ Complete access to sleep, focus, and mindful movement activities ○ Short mini-meditations for hectic schedules

Improve your health by using Headspace. For daily anxiety and stress alleviation, practise guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, and relaxing music. To unwind and get a good night’s sleep, practise mindful breathing. This will help you lead a stress-free, thoughtful existence.You can also download mincraft Game here.

People Also ASK:

Is Headspace on Google Play Store?

Currently, Android (smartphones and tablets) and Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) devices support the Headspace app. Look for “Headspace” in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the app.

Is Headspace available for Android?

You can download our app for Android or Apple iOS smartphones. You can get the software from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes software Store.

Is Headspace no longer free?

Treat your intellect with kindness. The annual subscription costs $69.99 USD and renews automatically after your free trial period.

Can I get Headspace free?

During your free trial, the whole Headspace collection is accessible. You will have access to all of our content throughout the trial, so you may explore and find what suits you.

Is Calm better than Headspace?

For those who are new to meditation and are searching for an app that provides a large number of short meditations for people with busy schedules, Headspace might be a better option. Calm has less structure, so even if it costs more, it might be a better fit for advanced or somewhat experienced meditators.

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