GuitarTuna: Tuner,Chords,Tabs

GuitarTuna: Tuner,Chords,Tabs

GuitarTuna: Tuner,Chords,Tabs

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Name GuitarTuna: Tuner,Chords,Tabs GuitarTuna: Tuner,Chords,Tabs is the most famous version in the GuitarTuna: Tuner,Chords,Tabs series of publisher Yousician Ltd.
Publisher Yousician Ltd.
Genre Mobile Apps
Update Feb 14, 2024
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GuitarTuna The best tuner app in the world, GuitarTuna, can help you stay in tune and play your favourite songs! Quick and precise tuning for fifteen instruments, such as the bass, ukulele, and guitar. Use lyrics, tabs, and chords to play the guitar. More than 100 million downloads to date!


– Receive ideal tune at any time, anyplace.
Ideal for both novices and experts
Play guitar songs of professional quality; see chords and lyrics synced with your performance; explore more than 100 tunings, including chromatic and alternative
– Develop your abilities using chord trainers and games.
– Change between fifteen well-known string instruments

GuitarTuna is the go-to tune-and-play app for musicians worldwide, created by expert guitarists and audio engineers and adored by millions of musicians!

Get GuitarTuna now and begin playing and tuning for free.


– To get perfect pitch, pluck a string and follow GuitarTuna’s instructions.
– Watch the app listen and display when you’re in tune to get clear, fast feedback.
– Achieve expert accuracy with cutting-edge sound identification.
– Adjust the tuning of common string instruments and electric and acoustic guitars.
– For accurate, string-by-string tuning, use Auto Mode.
– Use the built-in microphone on your device to tune in anywhere. No need for cords!
– To tune by ear, go to Manual Mode.


– Find hit tracks from well-known international performers.
Take advantage of expert-caliber chords, tabs, and lyrics tailored for guitarists.
– Depending on your skill level, select the original, simplified, or tab version.
You can listen to the song as it scrolls at your own speed.
– Sound authentic, with every song composed by professional musicians.
Examine the best songs from various decades and genres.
Every week, new songs are uploaded.
– Make requests for music to be played.


– Use a metronome to adjust the time signature and pace.
– Chord games: master and acquire the ability to identify chords by ear.
– Chord library: select any chord diagram to listen to its audio.
– Alternate tuning: Use widely used string instrument tunings when playing.
– Chromatic tuner: adjust the pitch to any note on the scale.
– Left-hand mode: complete access


– Guitar: six, seven, or twelve strings
– Bass: four and five strings
– Banjo: 4-string, 5-string; – Ukulele; – Viola; – Violin; – Cello; – Fiddle; – Mandolin;
– Cavaquinho – Balalaika


– Regular – Drop-D, Drop-C, Drop-A, and more
– Additional tunings for drops
Step down by half; open tunings


To prevent breaking strings, breaking your instrument, or hurting yourself when tuning, we suggest watching a YouTube lesson or asking a professional guitarist.You can also download mincraft Game here.

People Also ASK:

Is GuitarTuna available on Android?

GuitarTuna is the best tuner app; use it anywhere, at any time, to stay in tune. Download now for Android or iOS.

Is GuitarTuna any good?

It is simple to use, quick, and accurate. With over 100 million downloads, GuitarTuna is the most popular tuning app worldwide.

Can I tune my guitar with my phone?

For the majority of Android smartphones, Fender’s free, user-friendly, and incredibly accurate guitar, ukulele, and bass tuner app is now accessible. This programme is excellent for both novice and expert gamers, with a user-friendly UI and flawless gameplay. You can get the ideal tuning for practically any song with our 22 free tuning options.

Is GuitarTuna available for PC?

Play your favourite songs and tune your guitar with the GuitarTuna: Chords,Tuner,Songs PC programme. Offering quick, accurate tuning for 15 common string instruments, such as the guitar, ukulele, and bass, it’s ideal for both novices and experts.

Is there a free version of GuitarTuna?

Get the app now to begin playing for free.

Get access to hundreds of guitar chords, tabs, and lyrics for your favourite songs, along with all tunings and tools.

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