Freedom Site/App Blocker

Freedom Site/App Blocker

Freedom Site/App Blocker

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Name Freedom: Site/App Blocker Freedom: Site/App Blocker is the most famous version in the Freedom: Site/App Blocker series of publisher Eighty Percent Solutions Corporation
Publisher Eighty Percent Solutions Corporation
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 1.94.435
Update Feb 9, 2024
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Freedom Site

Freedom Site Over 3 million people use the software and website blocker Freedom globally. To stay focused and be more productive, utilise Freedom to temporarily ban websites and time-wasting applications. Become in charge of your screen time!

Freedom’s website and app blocker can help you 24 hours a day whether you work from home and want to be more productive, learn better, kick the phone habit, go on a digital detox, or concentrate on your writing!

Possess ADHD? We are aware of the difficulties that people with ADHD encounter. With the help of our site and app blockers, which offer specific features to enhance concentration, activities become easier to handle and less daunting.

To ban apps and websites, just choose them and launch a Freedom Site  and website blocker session. Freedom stops restricted apps and websites from opening if you try to access them while the session is running.

You can block apps, websites, and social media no matter where you are or what you’re doing thanks to Freedom’s website and app blocker, which works with an unlimited number of devices (including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome).

Freedom users claim to have gained 2.5 hours of extra productive time each day on average.

“Our favourite content blocker that eliminates distractions.” – Lifehacker

“Freedom is one remedy for the always-on life.” – Time Magazine

“As Freedom Site demonstrates, the answer to the issues brought about by technology is not anti-technology, but rather increased and improved technology.” Huffington Post

“The original Internet filter, Freedom, has gained celebrity supporters in the likes of Dave Eggers, Nick Hornby, Seth Godin, and Nora Ephron.” – Mashable

Features of the Freedom Site App Blocker: Block Distractions


Say goodbye to distractions. With the help of our social media, website, Freedom Site, and app blocker, you can stay concentrated on your work and increase your productivity.

In the era of perpetual connectivity, assume responsibility for your digital existence. With the help of our software, you may use your phone with awareness, regain your time, and detox from the digital world.

Freedom Site  can be scheduled to operate on particular days and times. During your most vulnerable moments, block apps and websites, establish new routines, and forge new relationships.


Select the distracting & time-consuming apps & websites that you want to block from our lists or create your custom blocklist. Block as many distractions as you’d like, whenever you’d like, for as long as you’d like!
Sync with every device you own.
There are other distractions besides your phone. Sync your block sessions with your iOS and Android devices, Chromebook, Mac or Windows computer, and other devices. The quantity of gadgets is infinite!

Attempting to access your favourite social media app or game can be enticing until you get used to living without interruptions. Go into Locked Mode. Focus is maintained in Locked Mode. Break free from the most obsessive behaviours and addictions.

No matter where you are, you can stay focused and productive with the help of free audio files that offer a variety of music, café, workplace, and natural sounds.



Install Freedom on as many devices as you’d like to start a free trial and give it a try. We’re sure you’ll appreciate how focused and productive you are.
• Device Administrator: To maintain the application’s functionality and stop it from being uninstalled.
• Accessibility API: Allows you to restrict the websites and apps you use.
Any sensitive or private information supplied by the Device Administrator or Accessibility API is not gathered by us or shared with third parties.

Options for subscriptions: $39.99 a year for Freedom Site Premium.You can also download mincraft Game here.

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