Forest: Focus for Productivity

Forest: Focus for Productivity

Forest: Focus for Productivity

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Name Forest: Focus for Productivity Forest: Focus for Productivity is the most famous version in the Forest: Focus for Productivity series of publisher Seekrtech
Publisher Seekrtech
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 4.73.0
Update Jan 1, 2024
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Forest Too addicted to scroll? Inability to exercise self-control? With the cutest attention timer around, the perfect tool to help you stay focused and increase productivity!

★ 2018 Editors’ Choice Award Winner for Best Productivity App★

★ The best self-improvement app on Google Play in nine countries (2018): Canada, France, Japan, Korea, and more! ★

★ Nomination for Best Social Impact App on Google Play for 2018★

★ Google Play: Best App of the Year, 2015–2016

When you need to put down your phone and maintain attention to finish your to-do list, plant a seed.

This seed will eventually grow into a tree if you remain focused. Your tree will wither, though, if you give in to the need to use your phone and quit the app.
Seeing a blooming forest, with each tree symbolising your dedication, gives you a sense of accomplishment and encourages you to develop effective time management habits.

Motivation and Gamification

– Grow your very own forest with each tree representing your effort.
– Earn rewards by staying focused and unlocking adorable trees!

Multiple Focus Modes

– Timer mode: Choose a concentration session, start working or studying, and follow the Pomodoro approach.
– Stopwatch mode: Press any time to begin or stop. A count-up timer is a great tool for tracking habits.

Individualised Experience

– Planting Reminder: Tell yourself to put your phone away now!
– Custom Phrases: Use your favourite sayings and inspirational phrases to uplift yourself!

Premium Forest

– Statistics: More detailed data on the amount of time you spent focusing so you may adjust your attention patterns.
– Plant Together: Whenever and wherever you are, maintain your concentration with your loved ones.
– Plant actual Trees: To make the planet greener, plant actual trees!
– Allow Lists: Make customised Allow Lists according to various scenarios. Apps that are prohibited will be blocked.

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People Also ASK:

Is ForestApp available for Android?

Forest can be downloaded as an app on iOS, iPadOS, and Android. It can also be accessed as a browser extension through the Firefox Add-ons and Chrome Web Store.

Is Forest free on Google Play?

Seekrtech has released the “Forest: Stay focused – Special Edition” for free for the first time in order to assist users in tracking their time and staying focused. Plant a seed in Forest whenever you need to concentrate. This seed will eventually sprout into a tree over time.

Is Forest on the app store?

With the software for Android, iPhone, and iPad, you can plant virtual trees while using your phone LESS frequently. It’s a fun and eco-friendly software. Excellent for digital detoxification, and you can plant actual trees! The fundamentals will be covered in this review, along with some helpful hints.

Is flora or Forest better?

Forest is a premium software from the outset (on iOS) and uses coins that users can spend to contribute real trees, whereas Flora is totally free to use but requires payment to donate real trees. There is a free version for Android, but you need pro to access all the features, including the ability to whitelist apps and tag apps.

Is Forest a Chinese app?

When  first released in China in 2014, it was well received. Two years later, in advance of its introduction in the US and other countries, the developer of the app looked for a global partner that could effectively and sustainably plant a large number of trees while providing users with real-time results to encourage and inspire them. That’s what Trees for the Future does.

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