FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

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Name FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor is the most famous version in the FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor series of publisher FaceApp Technology Ltd
Publisher FaceApp Technology Ltd
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 11.9.0
Update Feb 7, 2024
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FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for photorealistic editing. Turn your selfie into a modeling portrait using one of the most popular apps, with over a billion downloads to date.Gives you everything you need to create Instagram-worthy edits. No more extra tapping on your screen!

Use a fantastic set of face filters, effects, backgrounds, and other tools to create a seamless and photorealistic edit in ONE TAP. You will never have to spend hours photoshopping again!

More than 60 highly photorealistic filters


• Use impression filters to take the perfect selfies;

• Style and colour your hair;

• Add a beard or moustache;

• Add volume to your hair;

• Experiment with hot and fashionable makeup filters
Apply artistic lighting effects to:

• Eliminate pimples and acne;

• Even out wrinkles
• Complete control over temperature, saturation, and other parameters

• Easily enhance or minimise facial features

• Experiment with the colour lens

• Use the simple Compare tool at each stage to compare before and after


• Let determine the ideal haircut and colour for you.

• Gender Swap: See how you’d appear as a new gender.

Try our trendy weight filters to get bigger or smaller;

borrow your favourite style from other photographs; age with our well-liked Old & Young filters; and many more entertaining filters!


Directly post your FaceApp edits to your preferred social media pages.

One of the greatest, most user-friendly, photorealistic editors for selfies and portraits. It makes every picture flawless to halt your fans in their tracks. Stay up to date with the newest beauty trends by showing off your improved images to everyone you know!

Use the hashtag #FaceApp when tagging us on social media to potentially get highlighted on our official pages.You can also download mincraft Game here.

People Also ASK:

Why can’t i download FaceApp?

Examine the amount of storage you have.

Your smartphone may stop apps from downloading and installing if it is running low on storage. If you receive a message regarding storage capacity, your smartphone might be running low on space. Your device has less than 1 GB available.

Can you download FaceApp on Android?

Get the APK here to explore endless creative possibilities and try your hand at photo editing with sophisticated tools.

Can I use FaceApp free?

FaceApp provides all the necessary tools to do edits worthy of Instagram for free. Eliminate unnecessary tapping on your screen.

Is there another app like FaceApp?

The greatest FaceApp substitute app overall is YouCam Makeup. You can download this software for free on iOS and Android, and it’s great for taking great selfies. Advanced AI simulation capabilities, like as ageing, smiling, and beard filters, are readily available for use.

Is FaceApp safe to install?

Because personal images are sensitive, Security has drawn criticism. The terms of service of the app permit the collection and use of user data for commercial reasons, and there have been previous instances of data breaches.

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