Drops: Language Learning Games

Drops: Language Learning Games

Drops: Language Learning Games

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Name Drops: Language Learning Games Drops: Language Learning Games is the most famous version in the Drops: Language Learning Games series of publisher Drops Languages
Publisher Drops Languages
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 38.13
Update Feb 5, 2024
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Drops Become one of the 40 million individuals using to learn a new language. With Drops language learning games, learning a language is simple! Pick up a language, such as French, English, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Castilian Spanish, or European Portuguese. With learn over fifty new languages! Drops makes learning a language enjoyable and cost-free. You can either pick up where you left off or brush up on the most widely spoken languages in the globe.

With engaging language learning games, you can pick up new languages while having fun. Learn a language using the free Drops app. Learn to speak Spanish, French, and Korean fluently with Drops Language Lessons. Effectively learn Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, and Hindi language and vocabulary. Play games to learn languages and win prizes.

Use the Drops language learning software to pick up a new language quickly and easily.

Acquire reading skills in a variety of alphabets, including Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Learn a foreign language with our specially crafted vocabulary list, which contains over 3,000 words and phrases. Personalised illustrations for every word make learning the language easy to remember. Engage in fun, game-like language lessons. Track your progress and receive rewards. Professionalism and accurate pronunciation of dialects Learn Spanish using this app; learn Korean Learning languages such as German, French, European Portuguese, Russian, Castilian Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Tagalog, Hebrew, Icelandic, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, Cantonese Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Thai, Swedish, Vietnamese, Maori, Brazilian Portuguese, Farsi (Persian), Hungarian, and American English, British, Korean, Mexican, and Latin-American Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Mexican, and Spanish,

By focusing on visually appealing games and vocab

Drops aims to lower the barrier preventing users from exploring a new language and, ultimately, accessing the social and economic benefits knowing that language may provide.” TechCrunch. CNET, Forbes, VentureBeat, and many more publications have featured us!

Take up a new language right now! Learning a language is simple. Play games and pick up new languages. Learn a language with this app for free. Study Korean. Both Spanish and English are spoken. Simple software for learning Spanish. Today, pick up a new language to read and speak! Pick up a new language, such as Korean or Chinese. Using Drops to learn languages is enjoyable. Use this language study software to learn Korean.You can also download mincraft Game here.

People Also ASK:

Is Drops worth paying for?

To justify the expense, you would need to be certain that you would use the app over a number of years. Like any learning system, the value of Drops is determined by your practice frequency. Any fee is too much if you are unwilling to work hard.

Can you use Drops without paying?

Costing. Drops is free to download and use going forward. However, there are a few expected restrictions on the free edition, like a daily five-minute learning session maximum and mandatory advertisements. Additionally, you must complete the current vocabulary category before moving on to the next one.

Why are there two Drops apps?

Because the app store has some restrictions on searching for particular languages, we developed separate apps for each language. You can access all the languages accessible in your language-specific app by purchasing a Premium subscription.

Is Memrise completely free?

At first, there is no cost associated with using our content. This covers the curriculum and courses for early learning. We provide a variety of membership choices to best suit your needs if you desire to continue your education.

Is Drops or Duolingo better?

When Duolingo are finally compared, it becomes clear that each has advantages and disadvantages. While appeals to novices with its simple and original learning approach, Duolingo is better at keeping people interested.

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