Dice-n-Roll online Yatzy

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Dice-n-Roll online Yatzy

Dice-n-Roll online Yatzy This game is built on the rules of Yacht, drawing similarities to Latin American Generala, the English Poker Dice, the Scandinavian Yatzy, and Cheerio.

The primary goal of the game is to accumulate points by rolling five dice to achieve specific combinations. Players can roll the dice up to three times in a turn to try and create these combinations. A complete game consists of twelve rounds, and after each round, players must decide which scoring category to use for that specific round. Once a category has been utilized, it cannot be selected again. The scoring categories come with varying point values, some fixed and others dependent on the dice’s value. Notably, a Dice-n-Roll is considered five-of-a-kind and earns 50 points, the highest among all categories. The ultimate winner is the  Dice-n-Roll online Yatzy player with the highest accumulated points.

* Play exclusively with RELIABLE players

– those committed to playing through the end. Simply turn on the “reliability ON” option when creating a table to ensure that those prone to leaving games prematurely cannot join.
* Dice-n-Roll is an intellectually stimulating game, much like backgammon and poker. Here, luck takes a back seat. Our Dice-n-Roll game provides a comprehensive description of the rules, readily available even during gameplay.
* To find a suitable game, utilize the user-friendly table list featuring visual pictograms of all table settings.

Dice-n-Roll online Yatzy
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Create tables with conventions tailored to your comfort:

– Adjust the game speed
– Choose between reliable or common tables
– Set up access preferences for the table: public/private/password – enabling you to exclusively play with friends

Every day, thousands of players engage in Dice-and-Roll by JagPlay – and now, it’s your turn to join the fun
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