Device Control Mod Version

Device Control Mod Version

Device Control Mod Version

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Name Device Control Device Control is the most famous version in the Device Control series of publisher Expert Systems Co
Publisher Expert Systems Co
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 3.2.825
Update Aug 14, 2017
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Device Control

Device Control Secure your privacy and put an end to secret recording and tracking with the “Device Control” app. This powerful tool empowers you to take control of your device’s security, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding your personal information from potential threats.

**Key Features:**

1. **Comprehensive Protection:**
– Block the microphone, camera, internet, and sounds to thwart secret recordings of voice, phone calls, photos, and videos.
– Prevent access, data transfer, ads, and location tracking by hackers, malicious apps, spies, governments, companies, and data collectors.

2. **Versatile Controls:**
– System Lock: Secure the system and activate the Power Saver Privacy Lock for WiFi and Bluetooth.
– Camera Lock: Block all cameras, preventing photo and video recordings.
– Microphone Lock: Mute the microphone to prevent audio recordings.
– Internet Lock: Block internet access, halting WiFi and mobile data traffic.
– Sound Lock: Silence all sounds and vibrations, including sound control keys.
– Telephone Lock: Prevent calls and messages for enhanced privacy.
– Password Lock: Protect access to the app and widget locks with an additional layer of security.

3. **Useful Functions:**
– Avoid secret recording, tracking, hacking, data transfer, and intrusive ads.
– Protect your privacy and enhance device security.
– Reduce data usage and bandwidth charges.
– Prevent unauthorized use of device functions.
– Prolong battery life and minimize energy consumption.
– Mitigate accidental and “pocket” recordings.
– Ensure complete silence when necessary.

**In-App Purchases:**

– Unlock additional features like Camera Lock, Microphone Lock, Internet Lock, Sound Lock, Telephone Lock, and Password Lock through optional in-app purchases.

**App Privacy and Security:**
– The app emphasizes user privacy and security by not accessing photos or personal data.
– It does not collect or send any data from the user’s device.
– No internet access is required, and the app does not display marketing ads.

**How to Use:**
– Simply tap the lock icon or widget of the function you want to lock or unlock.
– The app maintains the lock state indefinitely until manually changed, even after device restarts.

**Additional Notes:**
– Uninstall instructions: Navigate to Settings > Deactivate this app > Uncheck “Enable Device Control.”
– Reinstalling is not recommended for security reasons. Backup the app before uninstalling to preserve purchases.
– Device Administrator permission is required for certain functionalities.

**Customer Support:**
– Access detailed and searchable help documentation within the app.
– For further assistance, send an inquiry via the app’s “Mail” feature.


– Put an end to tracking and avoid intrusive ads.
– Block camera and video recordings, disable the microphone.
– Utilize a firewall to block data and disable WiFi.
– Silence sounds and mute the speaker.
– Lock the phone and block messages.
– Prevent malware, hackers, spies, and viruses, ultimately saving battery life.

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