CleanTube Block Video Ads Apps on Google Play

CleanTube Block Video Ads Apps on Google Play

CleanTube Block Video Ads Apps on Google Play

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Name CleanTube - Block Video Ads CleanTube - Block Video Ads is the most famous version in the CleanTube - Block Video Ads series of publisher S & G Apps
Publisher S & G Apps
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 6.7
Update Jun 16, 2023
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CleanTube Block Video Ads

CleanTube Block Video Ads With the help of the ad-free CleanTube app, you can view videos on your home screen while using other apps, listen to music, and watch high-quality (8K) videos from your favourite channels.

CleanTube Block Video Ads is an essential, ad-free streaming app for your phone for the following reasons.Video Blockers:

– Automatic Ad Blocking, which stops your videos from being interrupted by dull advertisements.
– Applications for streaming music lets users listen to music for hours without commercials, including POP, R&B, Lo-Fi, Rap, and EDM.
Auto-switch off pop-up and video advertisements.
All advertising can be blocked via the floating video player.

Access your account by logging in:

You can access all of your films and playlists that you have created on CleanTube Block Video Ads by safely logging into your prior account.

Tube Pop-Up Video Player

Enables the playing of videos in “floating” mode. You may now watch movies, play games, and perform other chores.
This mode also has no advertising!
– The video player is resizable and may be positioned in any corner of your phone.View Funny Short Videos in High Definition.

– Watch millions of popular videos in up to 8K quality. Videos can also have their speed changed.
– You may bookmark and create custom playlists with your favourite videos using the music player.

Note: No need to install other plug-ins, such as microG, Manager to play music video and audio.You can also download mincraft Game here.

People also ASK:

How do I get rid of ads on YouTube videos?

You may stop worrying about advertisements on your mobile device by subscribing to YouTube Premium. An alternative is to open and watch a YouTube video without advertisements by using the Total CleanTube Block Video Ads software. This is one free method of avoiding YouTube mobile adverts, as the majority of ad blockers are unable to block them.

Is it safe to use Cleantube?

According to the developer, no user data is shared by this app with outside businesses or organisations. Read more about exchanging declarations made by developers.

How to turn off ads?

  1. Select Apps after opening Settings.
  2. Select “Special app access.” There might be a menu for advanced settings with this.
  3. Select Show when displaying other apps.
  4. Slide the toggle to the left after tapping the app whose pop-up advertisements you want to prevent from appearing.

What ad blocker works on YouTube?

Exists a YouTube ad blocker compatible with Chrome? AdGuard, uBlock Origin, and Total Adblock are just a few of the ad blockers available as Google Chrome extensions. You may use the ad-blocking capabilities of Surfshark and NordVPN by installing their Chrome extensions.


How do I block ads for free?

  1. uBlock Primary.
  2. uBlock Origin
  3. which was released in 2014, is a useful browser extension solution for blocking advertisements, including pop-ups.
  4. It works with AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, Stands Fair Adblocker, and Ghostery.

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