Case Animatronics APk Unlocked Version

Case Animatronics APk Unlocked Version

Case Animatronics APk Unlocked Version

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Name CASE: Animatronics Horror game CASE: Animatronics Horror game is the most famous version in the CASE: Animatronics Horror game series of publisher OOO VALNAT
Publisher OOO VALNAT
Genre Adventure
Version 1.65
Update Dec 17, 2023
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Case Animatronics

Case Animatronics  delivers a truly chilling and demanding first-person stealth horror experience. The police department’s control falls into the hands of an anonymous hacker, leaving you, Detective Bishop, in a dire situation. Trapped in darkness with metallic thumps closing in, can you survive the night?

As Detective John Bishop, your relentless investigations lead you to the police department, where working late takes a horrifying turn. A mysterious call from an old friend shatters your night, plunging you into a world of chaos. The power is cut, the security system hacked, and an unknown force is relentlessly pursuing you. Red eyes lurk in the shadows, and eerie sounds of metal fill once-familiar halls. Uncover the truth, endure the night, and unravel the source of this madness.


Your environment may be your only refuge. Animatronics can’t detect you if you’re concealed in a closet or under a table.

“CASE: Animatronics – Unleash Your Survival Instincts in a Heart-Pounding Horror Adventure”

**Keep Moving**

Survival depends on constant movement. Outmaneuver the animatronics, and you might escape the grasp of impending death Case Animatronics .

**Solve Puzzles**
Unravel the mysteries behind this nightmarish chaos by solving terrifying quests and discovering the root cause.

Rely not only on your sight but also on your hearing. Every stray noise could alter the situation dramatically.

**Use the Tablet**
Keep control of the situation by monitoring security cameras in different rooms. Be mindful of the tablet’s battery life and recharge it promptly.

“Detective Bishop’s Nightmare: Navigate the Terrifying World of CASE: Animatronics


A single misstep could lead to your demise. Stay vigilant, stay alive Case Animatronics .

Are you a fan of horror games? CASE: Animatronics ensures a gripping experience that constantly heightens tension, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Widely watched on YouTube with over 100 million views, this game delivers a genuine and terrifying fear that is bound to captivate you. The fear is real, and boredom is not an option.You can also download FAU-G Game here

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