Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD (Unlimited Unlocked Money 100%)

Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD (Unlimited Unlocked Money 100%)

Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD (Unlimited Unlocked Money 100%)

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Name Carrom Pool: Disc Game Carrom Pool: Disc Game is the most famous version in the Carrom Pool: Disc Game series of publisher
Genre Mobile Games
Version 15.3.1
Update Feb 21, 2024
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Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD It’s a piece of software called an aimbot, and its job is to ensure that your shots are accurate and on target.

Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD You will receive assistance in achieving the proper striker posture with an exact prediction of its movement, as well as in striking usual direction shots, cushion shots, bounce shots, indirect shoots, and right aim, among many other things. You may expect to make amazing progress in the game and find it easier to navigate the action on higher levels with this bot at your disposal. This makes your game far more engaging to play through and respectable, and it also allows it to provide a more complete version of itself. Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD  Once you’ve downloaded the game, explore all of the incredible customization possibilities available to you. Unlock everything, including premium tools that will help you target your goals and make the necessary modifications.

It is intended for players who find it difficult to maintain control of their shots and attackers throughout the more difficult stages of the game Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD,

Aimbot is the name of the piece of software that makes sure your shots are precise and on target. so that you can decide and make decisions that are suitable in light of the goal and lining that have been provided to you. Additionally, you have the option to select from a variety of drawn lines to determine which side you would like to begin on initially. Because they let you fully control the playing field by making amazing shots and hitting terrific strikes, the aim and movement prediction stats are just amazing Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD.

Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD
Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD
Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD
Carrom Pool Disc Game MOD

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What is the carrom time limit?

Every set in a match has a 25-minute time limit to be completed. 5. Should a ‘board’ not be finished in 25 minutes, the set will be determined by the Queen, the centimeters that players have pocketed, or the availability of the card on the Carrom Board.

In carrom, who goes first?

The player hiding the piece makes the decision if the opponent correctly predicts which hand will be played first. The goal of the first player is to pocket the white pieces. Two players take turns sitting across from one another to play the game. The Queen is first positioned in the middle of the board.

What is the name of carrom coins?

A carrom-man, also known as a carrom man, carromman, or carroman; plural -men; commonly abbreviated as c/m; also known by other slang terms like puck, goti, seed, or coin, is a small, uniform disk that is typically made of wood (occasionally plastic) and used to play carrom.

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