Caller Name Announcer Unlocked Version

Caller Name Announcer Unlocked Version

Caller Name Announcer Unlocked Version

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Name Caller Name Announcer Caller Name Announcer is the most famous version in the Caller Name Announcer series of publisher Backtracking Technologies
Publisher Backtracking Technologies
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 3.4.7
Update Dec 4, 2023
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Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer stands out as a swift, user-friendly, and customizable app designed to announce incoming calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. Additionally, it incorporates a flashlight alert feature, utilizing flashes to notify users of incoming calls, SMS, or app notifications.

**Key Features**

**Caller ID**
The app excels at displaying the identity of the caller, ensuring you know who is trying to reach you. It goes the extra mile by identifying unknown phone numbers, providing a comprehensive call summary after each interaction.

Caller Name Announcer covers a spectrum of announcements, including calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. The promise of more announcements to come hints at the app’s commitment to evolving with users’ needs.

**Announcement Settings**

The app’s versatility shines through in its announcement settings. Users can personalize their experience by turning off announcements for specific contacts. For added privacy or amusement, there’s an option to announce a fake name instead of the real one. The flexibility extends to working seamlessly in various phone modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate), ensuring functionality in any setting. Compatibility with multiple Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines enables announcements in different languages, accommodating a diverse user base. Users can also set distinct volumes for calls, SMS, and WhatsApp, tailoring the app to their preferences.

**Flashlight Alerts**
Incorporating a practical visual component, Caller Name Announcer employs the phone’s flash to signal incoming calls, SMS, and notifications. Users can even customize the flash blinking pattern, adding a personal touch to their alert system. Gestures such as shaking the phone or using the power button provide convenient ways to stop the flash alerts. To preserve battery life, the app automatically closes flash alerts when the battery is low.

**Expressing Gratitude and Seeking Feedback**

The app concludes with a heartfelt expression of gratitude for downloading it, accompanied by a courteous request for user reviews. Recognizing the importance of user input, the creators encourage users to share their thoughts and questions via email at

Caller Name Announcer

Emerges as a comprehensive solution for users seeking a reliable and feature-rich call announcement app. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with various phone modes and offer customizable settings sets it apart from generic announcer apps. The incorporation of flashlight alerts not only adds a practical dimension to notifications but also underscores the app’s commitment to enhancing the user experience.

As technology continues to advance, Caller Name Announcer’s promise of upcoming announcements hints at its commitment to staying relevant and meeting evolving user expectations. The app’s multifaceted approach, catering to both practical and entertaining needs, positions it as a valuable addition to the user’s smartphone toolkit.

In a world where communication plays a pivotal role, Caller Name Announcer strives to make the user’s experience more informed, personalized, and engaging. As users embrace this app, it not only becomes a utility but also a companion in navigating the dynamic landscape of calls, messages, and notifications.You can also download FAU-G Game here.

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