Call Blocker Mod Version

Call Blocker Mod Version

Call Blocker Mod Version

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Name Call Blocker Call Blocker is the most famous version in the Call Blocker series of publisher AndroidRock
Publisher AndroidRock
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 1.2.82
Update Jan 14, 2024
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Call Blocker

Call Blocker, your go-to solution for effortlessly rejecting unwanted calls. Tired of incessant spam calls from pushy salesmen? Or perhaps you want to have control over the calls you receive? Look no further – simply add the bothersome number to your blacklist, and let Call Blocker take care of the rest. This lightweight and stable app operates with minimal memory and CPU resources, providing a seamless experience while ensuring you stay in control of your incoming calls.

**Key Features of Call Blocker:**

**1. Blacklist Functionality:**
Empower yourself to block calls effortlessly by adding numbers to your blacklist. Whether it’s persistent spam calls or unwanted solicitations, Call Blocker puts you in charge, allowing you to filter out unwanted communication with ease.

**2. Whitelist for Exceptional Control:**
On the flip side, Call Blocker lets you create a whitelist of numbers that are exempt from blocking. This ensures that important calls from specific contacts or numbers are never unintentionally rejected, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your preferences.

**3. Detailed Rejection Logs:**
Stay informed about the calls you’ve rejected with recording feature. The app keeps a comprehensive log of all rejected numbers, allowing you to review and manage your call history effortlessly. This feature not only adds transparency to your call management but also aids in staying organized.

**4. Versatile Block Modes:**
offers multiple block modes to suit your preferences and requirements:

– *Block Blacklist:* This mode empowers you to automatically reject calls from numbers on your blacklist. Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions and reclaim your peace of mind.

– *Allow Whitelist:* Customize your experience by allowing calls only from numbers on your whitelist. This ensures that important contacts can always reach you, while others remain blocked.

– *Block Unknown:* Screen out calls from unknown numbers not present in your contacts. This mode adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to filter out potentially unwanted or suspicious calls.

– *Block All Calls:* For times when you want complete privacy or need a break from incoming calls, activate this mode to block all calls temporarily.

Call Blocker offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to manage and customize their call preferences. With its minimalistic design and efficient functionality, the app serves its purpose without being a burden on your device’s resources.

**In Conclusion:**

Call Blocker is the solution you’ve been searching for to regain control over your calls. Whether you’re combating spam calls, avoiding unwanted interruptions, or simply managing your call preferences, this app provides a user-friendly and effective platform. With its blacklist and whitelist features, rejection logs, and versatile block modes, Call Blocker ensures that you dictate who can reach you, offering a peace of mind in today’s fast-paced, communication-centric world. Download Call Blocker now and experience the convenience of a tailored and controlled calling experience You can also download FAU-G Game here.

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