Betternet VPN: Unlimited Proxy

Betternet VPN: Unlimited Proxy

Betternet VPN: Unlimited Proxy

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Name Betternet VPN: Unlimited Proxy Betternet VPN: Unlimited Proxy is the most famous version in the Betternet VPN: Unlimited Proxy series of publisher Betternet, LLC
Publisher BetternetLLC
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 7.10.0
Update Jan 22, 2024
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Betternet VPN

For Android smartphones, Betternet VPN is an easy-to-use, quick, cost-free, and limitless VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy. With just one swipe, you can maximise your privacy and safeguard your internet connection by connecting to our fast VPN servers.

Features of Betternet VPN & Unlimited Proxy:

Internet privacy and security with the best VPN proxy
Betternet’s easy one-tap VPN connection makes sure that all of your Internet traffic is fully encrypted. Betternet ensures your online safety and security.

WiFi Security & Safety

You will be protected from threats associated with public WiFi and experience total WiFi security because all of your web traffic is encrypted over an unlimited VPN proxy, regardless of the public WiFi hotspot you are attempting to access. Protecting your WiFi security and privacy is simple.

VPN Location Modifier
Connect to one of our more than 100 VPN servers and browse the internet safely and privately. Betternet boasts quick VPN servers located all around the globe.

Safe Connection and Protection of Privacy

Your IP address and location will be protected when you use our unlimited VPN service, and online activity tracking will be impossible. The greatest VPN proxy service for protecting your privacy is Betternet.

Safeguard Your Equipment

When you connect your Android device to cellular data networks or public WiFi hotspots, Betternet VPN protects the connection. You are safe from hacker assaults and have access to your personal data and passwords.

Use a fast VPN to browse privately.

quickest possible connections to the nearest and quickest server are offered by Betternet VPN. Your connection will therefore be significantly faster than that of any other VPN or proxy service. Get the greatest VPN proxy for Android right now.

WiFi VPN Hotspot Shield

Schools and public Wi-Fi hotspots are excellent targets for hackers, and if they manage to obtain your personal data, you can become the next identity theft victim! By encrypting your network traffic and facilitating HTTPS connections to websites, Betternet VPN proxy offers an extremely secure firewall for your WiFi VPN hotspot. Use it as a corporate VPN or a school VPN to protect your connection.

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People Aslo ASK:

Is Betternet a safe VPN?

If you’re using a version of Betternet free of spyware and trackers, it’s a solid VPN. It works effectively, unlocks Netflix, and protects your IP address. However, it’s probably not a suitable option for Android users as it was discovered to have spyware and trackers that capture your data.

Is Betternet no longer free?

If you simply close the Payment Screen that appears when you initially install our programme, you can always use it without cost. To get even more out of Betternet, including individualised tech assistance available only to Premium users, we do hope you’ll sign up for our seven-day Premium trial.

How to install Betternet VPN?

How to configure Chrome for Betternet
Install after downloading. Install the Betternet Chrome addon.
Establish contact. Click “Connect” when the Betternet app is open.
Everything is ready for you. Relax while enjoying your favourite stuff.

Is VPN safe from virus?

It’s critical to keep in mind that VPNs and complete anti-virus software function differently. They will encrypt your internet history and safeguard your IP address, but that is all they can do. For example, if you visit phishing websites or download hacked files, they won’t keep you safe.

Which VPN is free of cost?

Users of AtlasVPN’s free VPN can connect to servers in the Netherlands and the United States, with a monthly data cap of five GB. Features include split tunnelling, a kill switch, and a VPN for streaming. The VPN encryption protocols that users can select from are IPSec/IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN.