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Name AVG AntiVirus & Security AVG AntiVirus & Security is the most famous version in the AVG AntiVirus & Security series of publisher AVG Mobile
Publisher AVG Mobile
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 23.24.0
Update Jan 29, 2024
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AVG AntiVirus &amp

AVG AntiVirus &amp  Mobile Security for Android to guard against dangerous malware and viruses. With App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, Hack Alerts, Malware security, and App Permissions adviser, you can safeguard your private information.

The mobile security apps from AVG are already installed on over 100 million devices. Join them right now and AVG AntiVirus &amp:

Real-time app, game, setting, and file scanning
Clear out extraneous files to make room.
Secure critical applications with a fingerprint, pattern, or PIN.
Hide personal images in a secure Safe
Use a VPN to remain anonymous.
Check for dangers on WiFi networks
Find and ban fraudulent websites to be extra cautious.
Verify the upload and download speeds on WiFi.
Get notifications if someone has stolen your passwords.
Learn more about the permissions that installed apps have.

To help protect you from risks to your privacy and online identity, AVG AntiVirus FREE 2024 for Android offers you efficient virus and malware protection, app lock, Wi-Fi Scanner, and photo vault.

AVG AntiVirus &amp
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Features of the app:

Protection: Use our antivirus to check and eliminate harmful stuff from files, games, and apps.
Check websites for dangerous dangers.
Wi-Fi Scanner for encrypting networks
Hack Alerts: Find out if someone has stolen your passwords.
Prevent scams by vetting websites to distinguish between the legitimate and bogus ones.
Smart Scan: Use an advanced scan to uncover vulnerabilities on your phone that are concealed in difficult-to-find locations.

Privacy: Use a password-protected album to hide personal images. a vault to stop prying
App Lock: Enable private and secure access to critical apps.
Protect your privacy online with a AVG AntiVirus &amp

Performance: AVG AntiVirus &amp Remove unneeded files to make storage space available.
Verify the upload and download speeds on WiFi.
Junk Cleaner: Clear up hidden clutter and increase disc space

Hack Alerts: View the accounts that have already been compromised in leaks.
Find out the specifics of each leak’s history and the date it occurred. Receive alerts whenever a new leak exposes your data.
Change hacked passwords fast and simply AVG AntiVirus &amp.

App Overview:

View the permissions that each app is requesting.
Examine the usage of your data AVG AntiVirus &amp.
Identify any possible privacy concerns

Protect your phone from malware, ransomware, and viruses.

Through the usage of the Web Shield feature, this app leverages the Accessibility Service API to safeguard users—including the blind—from phishing scams and harmful websites.You can also download mincraft Game here.

People also ASK:

Is AVG Antivirus real or fake?

Since AVG is a well-known brand in the online security industry, some scammers might try to utilise the AVG name and trademark illegally. The way scams work is by tricking victims into thinking they are speaking with AVG Support when, in reality, they are speaking with an unreliable third party.

Is AVG antivirus 100% free?

round-the-clock malware protection

With AVG AntiVirus FREE, you can have continuous protection against viruses and other malware. The finest aspect? It’s completely free!

Which antivirus is 100% free?

Antivirus programmes Bitdefender, AVG, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, and TotalAV are all completely free. Furthermore, these are not free trials.

Is AVG antivirus safe for Android?

AVG AntiVirus keeps an eye on data entering and leaving your Android device based on your preferences and defends it against known malware and threats. While we make every effort to safeguard your device from threats, no security measure is foolproof.

Should I trust AVG?

AVG is about as safe as any other antivirus programme available. Over the years, it has had security holes and vulnerabilities that hackers may use, but the firm usually fixes these issues quickly. That’s just a normal aspect of software development.

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