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Auto Battles Online: Idle PVP Mod Version

Auto Battles Online

Auto Battles Online Immerse yourself in the ultimate Idle & AFK gaming experience, boasting an unparalleled selection of items that the genre has ever witnessed. With thousands of items at your disposal, the possibilities are limitless. Experiment and find the perfect combination of items to create new play styles for your heroes.

Assemble your dream team and embark on a quest for glory as you face off against other players in thrilling online battles. Secure victory in idle battles to upgrade your team and establish dominance over your adversaries. Whether you prefer casual gameplay with friends or competitive challenges to climb the player rankings, Auto Battles Online caters to your preferences. Join guilds, participate in world events, and enhance your team’s prowess with an array of cool gear.


1. **Build and Upgrade Your Heroic Team:** Formulate and enhance your team of heroes, engage them in multiplayer battles against other teams, and steadily upgrade their abilities.

2. **User-Friendly Controls:** Say goodbye to frustrating tapping or joystick controls. Deploy your heroes on the battlefield and let them engage in battles autochess-style, simplifying the gaming experience.

3. **Level Up Through Victories:** Triumph over other teams to level up your heroes and improve their capabilities. The journey to the top of the player rankings begins with conquering opponents.

4. **Active Community Engagement:** Join the vibrant and wholesome community of players, making connections, and sharing experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

5. **Free-to-Play Friendly:** Enjoy a free-to-play environment where all players can acquire the best gear using in-game gold, ensuring a fair and accessible experience for everyone.

6. **Online PvP Arenas:** Engage in real online PvP arenas, competing in team fights against other players. Strengthen your team by winning battles and climb the leaderboards to assert your dominance.

7. **Strategic Upgrades:** Enhance your team’s armor, weapons, and magical abilities strategically to unlock even more power.

8. **Dungeon Training:** Train your team against waves of enemies in the dungeon, honing their skills and preparing them for tougher challenges.

9. **Guild Collaborations:** Join guilds and play alongside friends, participating in quests and guild-specific events.

10. **Quests for Rewards:** Embark on quests to level up and earn exciting new gear, adding another layer of depth to your gaming experience.

11. **Idle Training (Coming Soon):** Even when you’re away, let your team train idly in the background, ensuring they return stronger and more prepared for battles.


Begin your adventure with a single auto battler and customize them to create your ideal automatic fighter. Personalize features such as hair, eyes, clothes, and helmets for your heroes, upgrading them according to your preferences.

As your hero steps into battle, witness the excitement unfold. Sit back and watch as your hero defeats enemies, grows stronger, and increases their prowess. Progress further by assembling a diverse team, including melee fighters, archers, and magic casters, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and counters.


Square off in team fights against other players in real-time PvP arenas. The more victories you achieve, the stronger you can make your team. Experience the satisfaction of watching your autobattle heroes overpower opponents through magic, archery, and brute force.


Conquer various islands and transform them into an empire that generates passive income. Collaborate with your guild to raid islands owned by other guilds and expand your influence. For those times when you’re too busy to play, let your team train idly in the background, ensuring they return stronger and more prepared for future battles.

Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore multiplayer master, Auto Battles Online promises endless fun and excitement. Download now and build your team, ready to fight for glory.You can also download FAU-G Game here.