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Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL

Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL

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Name Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL is the most famous version in the Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL series of publisher eXtream Software Development
Publisher eXtream Software Development
Genre Mobile Apps
Update Feb 4, 2024
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Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL

Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL raises the bar for Android music production, mixing, and editing, from ideation to finished mobile productions. Audio Evolution Mobile rivals desktop DAWs whether you record using the built-in microphone or from a multi-channel USB audio (*) or MIDI interface. The programme fuels your creativity with features including mixer automation, audio loops, drum pattern editing, real-time effects, virtual instruments, a vocal pitch and timing editor, and a virtual analogue synthesiser.

The Computer Music December 2020 issue’s top Android mobile music app is Audio Evolution Mobile Studio!

Keep in mind that there are a few restrictions on this TRIAL version of the full, paid version.

• Project loading is restricted to three tracks
• Playback and recording end after 2 minutes (45 seconds for USB audio); • Mixdown is limited to 45 seconds; • App will terminate after 20 minutes; • App will eventually stop functioning

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Features include:

• MIDI playback and multitrack audio recording
• Use Vocal Tune Studio (*) to automatically or manually adjust the pitch and timing of your vocal recordings as well as any other audio content. It has controls for vibrato, volume, retune duration, retune amount, and formant correction per note.
The ‘Evolution One’ virtual analogue synthesiser is modelled around AudioKit’s well-known Synth One.Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL.
• Instruments that use Soundfont samples
• Editor for drum patterns (including triplets and the ability to use custom audio files)
• Using a USB audio interface for multichannel recording and playback with low latency (*)
Edit audio and MIDI clips in real time with infinite undo/redo capabilities. Change the tempo and time signature gradually. Add chorus, compressor, delays, EQs, reverb, noise gate, pitch  Audio Evolution Mobile TRIALshifter, voice tuning, and other effects.
• Adaptable effect routing: a grid with parallel effect paths can hold an infinite number of effects.
• Link parameters to tempo or assign LFOs to effect parameters
• Automation of every mixer and effect parameter; • Sidechaining of the compressor effects
• MIDI, WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, OGG,Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL and other formats can all be imported; • Shareable mixdown to WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, or OGG

An infinite quantity of groups and Download Mod Version

MIDI remote control; projects that can be switched out for our iOS version; cloud sync to Google Drive; the ability to backup, share, and exchange projects with other Android or iOS devices; and the ability to work together with friends
To put it succinctly, a fully functional portable multitrack  Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL digital audio workstation (DAW) that will remarkably replace your four track recorder or tape machine

The full version offers Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL the following optional in-app purchases:

• A specially designed USB audio driver that, when used with a USB audio interface or microphone, circumvents the limitations of Android audio. Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL It offers minimal latency, excellent multi-channel recording and playback at whatever sample rate and resolution that the device is capable of supporting (e.g., 24-bit/96kHz). For additional details and device compatibility, please click this link: USB audio driver:
It should be noted that you can always use  Audio Evolution Mobile TRIAL the Android USB audio driver for free without having to make this in-app purchase, albeit there are certain restrictions (such as high latency and 16-bit audio).
• Vocal Tune Studio; • Vocal Tune with two-voice harmonizer and Vocal Tune PRO;We also provide the complete version of effects and material from other sellers at a discount:
ToneBoosters V3 EQ, Compressor, Ferox; ToneBoosters Flowtones; ToneBoosters pack 1 (Barricade, DeEsser, Gate, Reverb)
• Loops and Soundfonts at different price points; • ToneBoosters V4 Barricade, BitJuggler, Enhancer, EQ, MBC, ReelBus, Reverb, etc.
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