AppClose – co-parenting app [Premium UnLocked]

AppClose – co-parenting app [Premium UnLocked]

AppClose – co-parenting app [Premium UnLocked]

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Name AppClose - co-parenting app AppClose - co-parenting app is the most famous version in the AppClose - co-parenting app series of publisher AppClose, Inc
Publisher AppCloseInc
Genre Mobile Apps
Version 3.1.4
Update Dec 4, 2023
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AppClose  has gained recognition from reputable sources such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Yahoo Lifestyle, TechCrunch, and Austin American-Statesman.

Discover AppClose, the Co-Parenting App reimagined for simplicity and seamlessness. Whether you’re a co-parent, step-parent, family member, childcare provider, professional, or any other involved party, AppClose facilitates easy communication and information sharing on any mobile device. This app organizes priorities into three distinct categories, making it simpler for you and your circle to communicate, manage tasks, share appointments, track expenses, and handle financial transactions for reimbursement obligations.

Key Features of AppClose:

1. **No Monthly Charges or Subscription Fees:** Enjoy the benefits without the burden of recurring costs.

2. **Multi-functional Calendars:** Record and share events, appointments, expenses, and requests with other AppClose users in your circle. Communicate through entries effortlessly.

3. **Secure Text Messages:** Send and receive text messages that cannot be altered or deleted, ensuring communication integrity.

4. **Group Chat:** Engage in group chats with multiple people in your circle for collaborative discussions.

5. **Video & Phone Calls:** Seamlessly connect through video and phone calls within the app.

6. **Child-Related Information:** Save or share important child-related information, such as allergies, medications, alternative child care options, measurements, school-related details, and more with co-parents or third parties.

7. **Third-party Inclusion:** Add third parties to your circle, such as grandparents, step-parents, ad litems, attorneys, mental health professionals, etc., to ensure everyone stays informed.

8.Utilize AppClose Solo when your co-parent doesn’t use the app, you’re a single parent, or you want to share information with non users.

9. **Parenting Schedule Templates:** Utilize pre-designed parenting schedule templates or customize your own for easy schedule sharing.

10. **Parenting Schedule Statistics Tracker:** Monitor parenting time percentages and compare planned versus actual parenting time with built-in statistics tracking.

11. **Quick Requests:** Send pick-up, drop-off, or swap days requests swiftly when unexpected changes occur.

12. **Check-in Feature:** Keep accurate records of your arrivals or departures at any location with this exclusively private and non-trackable feature.

13. **Expense Tracking:** Track expenses by category and easily scan and organize receipts.

14. **Reimbursement Requests:** Submit reimbursement requests through the expense tracker and keep records of responses from recipients.

15. **ipayou®:** Send and receive money for reimbursement obligations via ipayou®, AppClose’s built-in payment solution.

16. **Calendar Notes:** Add notes to the calendar for additional context.

Exporting Records with AppClose:

Exporting records is simple and free with  Whether you need records for personal use or legal purposes, you can easily export unaltered text messages, expense records, reimbursement request and response records, pick-up, drop-off, or swap days request and response records, and AppClose Solo requests and events.

AppClose Solo:

Solo is an exclusive feature for AppClose users, enabling you to send requests and events to non-connected co-parents, third parties, or other family members via text, email, or social media. You can even attach receipts or documents and export and print any records you might need for free while still enjoying all the other benefits of AppClose.

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